Sales Incentive – Offer It To Your Clients And Customers

First, there is a B2B platform where you can literally offer a Travel Savings Club to your own clients and customers giving them a huge savings in return.

Let your clients or customers understand of it is a Special Perk they get from you for doing business with you.  Once they start seeing the tremendous travel savings, they will stay a loyal customer for many years.

You can even give out a $200 Travel Savings Card provided by a Private Travel Membership Club ( where they get a real $200 in travel savings.  These cards only cost you about 20 cents each, which is the lowest form of marketing you will find anywhere.

Give these $200 Travel Savings Cards away as a “thank you” incentive for buying from you… test driving one of your products or services… as a door opener… as an Anniversary or Holiday Gift for being a loyal customer… or any number of ways to give back to your customers or clients.

You spend 20 cents for this $200 value card and your customer spends hundreds or thousands with you.  What a deal, right?

They will love your for thinking of them and helping them save more of their money.


Add An Extra Source Of Income

Second, there is a component of this Private Travel Membership Club which offers a way to enhance your business revenue as an Independent Business Owner (IBO).  As an IBO you are allowed to buy the cards for 20 cents, but unlike the Sales Incentive offer, you will make 50% of the card value when the recipient activates and fully uses it for travel expenses.

If you do any type of professional service or business service, it could easily become a new revenue source for you and it’s all paid to you behind the scenes.  Meaning, your customers will never know that this extra revenue stream exists.

Let’s say you have a service company with 1,000 customers and you give a card to each.  If all activated their card and used it, the potential for you would be $100,000 effortlessly.

Keep in mind that this Private Travel Membership Club handles everything once the card is activated.  You are then out of the picture except for handing out more cards as “thank yous” to your new customers.

Now, here’s something really exciting… this same travel membership company has $2,000 Travel Cards you can hand out.  And YES, you still make 50% of the card’s value when fully used by the recipient.

Now, that’s $1,000 X 1,000 customers = $1 Million.

If you are not excited yet, then there’s not much that will get you excited.

If you own a pool service business, HVAC, lawn care business, or other seasonal business then this is a no-brainer add on to get you through the lean months.  If you own any other kind of local service or business then this is a true win-win opportunity.

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Not too many people think about the tremendous loss of money from their business travel budget unless they are the ones paying for it.

Maybe the more focused question is… do you even have a travel budget?

Is it because it seems too time-consuming and complicated to find where the real savings occurs through online travel sites or offline travel companies?

Even trusted travel companies may not know how to find THE very best deals.  In today’s real world, online pricing is shown in “real time” where it can change in price from one second to the next, much like commodities do.

You go online to your favorite travel booking engine and you get one quote, you go elsewhere to compare any you go back and it has all changed.  It’s enough to drive you nuts in search of your savings.

So, are you really losing money on your company travel expenses?  More thank likely you are.



Is There A Way To Get Consistent Pricing?

So you may be asking yourself, “where can I get the best, most consistent travel deals?”

If you want a more consistent lower pricing structure, your best solution is to go through a Private Travel Club Membership.

Unless you are buying your travel services through a Private Travel Club Membership, you probably are losing a lot of money that you could ultimately keep in your pocket instead.

Until recently, normal travel has only been offered through companies like Priceline and Expedia which are “retail” travel buyers.  They buy on the open market and literally have to share the money you pay them across multiple layers of “middle men” which means that you are likely paying WAY more than you need to for travel.

What most travelers don’t understand is that far under the radar, these two huge online booking engines practically own the entire retail travel market.  Most all of the commercials you see on TV of other Travel Booking Sites are owned by these two giants of the industry.

A Private Travel Club Membership, much like Sam’s Club or Costco, typically cuts out those  “middle man” layers and works directly with the main travel company or service in order to pass on the savings to its members.

With a Private Travel Club, you pay a small monthly membership fee and then have access to the best prices on the internet saving you huge amounts of money on your travel expenses.

Imagine paying just $39 or $59 per month and saving tens of dollars at one hotel for one night… hundreds of dollars on one airfare ticket… or thousands of dollars on cruises and resorts.

Now, as a traveler, you can really scoop up the savings for pennies on the dollar from what your membership costs.

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It’s the latest technological advantage for local businesses needing more customers and greater revenue.

It’s called Online To Offline Rewards.

Using this sophisticated new marketing method there is now a means for Offline Shops and Businesses to offer an online “card-linked” rewards program and get some new customers from online to their offline location.  It is offered online, because that’s where the people go to to research and find information about bricks-and-mortar businesses these days.

With the O2O Rewards Program at their disposal, local business merchants can tap into a way of attracting new customers using a never before seen Free Advertising Model.

This new O2O advertising model is administered by Empyr which is based out of San Diego, California.  (see Forbes article).  It works through Merchant Customer Support Agencies like to reach local merchants.

It provides local businesses access to a Nationwide Partner Network of over 1500 members who can reach over 100 million active consumers. Some of these partners include banks (Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc.), airlines (Virgin, Delta, American, etc.) and large social media outlets (Yelp, Mogl, etc.).

Merchants simply decide on the Cash Back Reward (from 5%, but typically 10%) and a brief message. Then the Merchant Customer Support Agency goes to work and begins the work of advertising across the partner network.

Once a customer sees the ad, they have a choice to link their credit card and head to the merchant to pick up the offer.

After paying for the full price of their order, they get a notice that their cash back reward is in the works and will receive it next month into their account.

The merchant is notified that it will be invoiced in 2-4 weeks and then charged for its participation in the partner network and for the actual cash back to the customer.

Benefits to the merchant are completely free advertising, no coupons to worry about, no software to manipulate, and no worries about fulfilling the cash back.

Everything is done seamlessly for them and they are even able to see all transactions through a user-friendly online interface.

If you are a local merchant needing free advertising and gather more walk-in customers, then go no further than today.

I’m going to go ahead and give you my conclusion right up front and then tell you how this discussion will pan out.

Yes, incentives do work for generating more customers and sales.

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I will say without question that the “incentive tactic” is largely ignored by many businesses new to online marketing or social media marketing, because that’s “old school” thinking. Right?

Right out of the box, I’m not talking about the kind of incentive where you give someone a free trial of some software or service for 14 days.

That’s old news. It still works for those software products, but relatively ineffective for most business owners trying to garner new business via the net.

What about everyone else who wants to consider offering an incentive to attract more customers?

Nowadays, with a product that has high value and can be delivered digitally, it is unbelievably easy to incentivize your fans and customers.

Let’s see if you fit in any of these categories? If so, you can…

  1. Incentivize people to take a peek at your offer and if they go through your presentation, you give them a gift at the end. Offer to double the gift (for a friend) if they actually “test drive” your product.
  2. Give an Anniversary Gift to your current customers or clients while asking if they will continue using your services or if they re-subscribe for another year. Offer to double the gift (for a friend) if they give you 2-3 referrals who you will also give the gift to each.
  3. Provide a “thank you” gift for new customers, subscribers, or clients when they make a new purchase or become a member. Ask them for a courtesy referral and that person will also receive the same gift as well.
  4. Offer an incentive if your current client “Upgrades” to your next membership level or to your Premium Level.
  5. Do you have a new product you want to promote? Attach a voucher for “your giveaway” on every item sold… from a new pastry to a new song or book, to a new jewelry item or anything you are introducing to the public. That will make them want to make the purchase to also get the “extra value”.
  6. Give bonuses to employees who work “above and beyond” or for achieving a certain level of sales. Hand out one or two a week to the top person(s) and watch the buzz start to occur and see how production dramatically improves.


A CLO is now becoming something more offline businesses are discussing to bring in more customers.

I’ll get to why you may be losing up to 10% of your business if you don’t have one a little bit later, so keep reading.

What is CLO you might ask?  Well, it stands for Card Linked Offers.

Basically, it’s a part of a Rewards Network that has eliminated the need for paper or digital coupons in favor of a Cash Back Reward to the customer.

In one particular network called Empyr, we found had a reach of over 100+ million users through over 1500+ ad partners including practically all major banks, all major airlines and many online recommendation-type websites like and