It's the latest technological advantage for local businesses needing more customers and greater revenue. It's called Online To Offline Rewards. Using this sophisticated new marketing method there is now a means for Offline Shops and Businesses to offer an online "card-linked" rewards program and get some new customers from online to their offline location.  It is offered online, because that's where the people go to to research and find information about bricks-and-mortar businesses these days. With the O2O Rewards Program at their disposal, local business merchants can tap into a way of attracting new customers using a never before seen Free Advertising Model. This new O2O advertising model is administered by Empyr which is based out of San Diego, California.  (see Forbes article).  It works through Merchant Customer Support Agencies like to reach local merchants. It provides local businesses access to a Nationwide Partner Network of over 1500 members who can reach over 100 million active consumers. Some of these partners include banks (Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc.), airlines (Virgin, Delta, American, etc.) and large social media outlets (Yelp, Mogl, etc.). Merchants simply decide on the Cash Back Reward (from 5%, but typically 10%) and a brief message. Then the Merchant Customer Support Agency goes to work and begins the work of advertising across the partner network. Once a customer sees the ad, they have a choice to link their credit card and head to the merchant to pick up the offer. After paying for the full price of their order, they get a notice that their cash back reward is in the works and will receive it next month into their account. The merchant is notified that it will be invoiced in 2-4 weeks and then charged for its participation in the partner network and for the actual cash back to the customer. Benefits to the merchant are completely free advertising, no coupons to worry about, no software to manipulate, and no worries about fulfilling the cash back. Everything is done seamlessly for them and they are even able to see all transactions through a user-friendly online interface. If you are a local merchant needing free advertising and gather more walk-in customers, then go no further than today.

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Jesse Carter is the CEO of Expert Website Marketers. He is an Editor, Writer, Online Marketing Expert and a Nonprofit Fundraising Expert.

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