Sales Incentive - Offer It To Your Clients And Customers

First, there is a B2B platform where you can literally offer a Travel Savings Club to your own clients and customers giving them a huge savings in return.

Let your clients or customers understand of it is a Special Perk they get from you for doing business with you.  Once they start seeing the tremendous travel savings, they will stay a loyal customer for many years.

You can even give out a $200 Travel Savings Card provided by a Private Travel Membership Club ( where they get a real $200 in travel savings.  These cards only cost you about 20 cents each, which is the lowest form of marketing you will find anywhere.

Give these $200 Travel Savings Cards away as a “thank you” incentive for buying from you… test driving one of your products or services… as a door opener… as an Anniversary or Holiday Gift for being a loyal customer… or any number of ways to give back to your customers or clients.

You spend 20 cents for this $200 value card and your customer spends hundreds or thousands with you.  What a deal, right?

They will love your for thinking of them and helping them save more of their money.



Add An Extra Source Of Income

Second, there is a component of this Private Travel Membership Club which offers a way to enhance your business revenue as an Independent Business Owner (IBO).  As an IBO you are allowed to buy the cards for 20 cents, but unlike the Sales Incentive offer, you will make 50% of the card value when the recipient activates and fully uses it for travel expenses.

If you do any type of professional service or business service, it could easily become a new revenue source for you and it's all paid to you behind the scenes.  Meaning, your customers will never know that this extra revenue stream exists.

Let's say you have a service company with 1,000 customers and you give a card to each.  If all activated their card and used it, the potential for you would be $100,000 effortlessly.

Keep in mind that this Private Travel Membership Club handles everything once the card is activated.  You are then out of the picture except for handing out more cards as “thank yous” to your new customers.

Now, here’s something really exciting… this same travel membership company has $2,000 Travel Cards you can hand out.  And YES, you still make 50% of the card’s value when fully used by the recipient.

Now, that’s $1,000 X 1,000 customers = $1 Million.

If you are not excited yet, then there’s not much that will get you excited.

If you own a pool service business, HVAC, lawn care business, or other seasonal business then this is a no-brainer add on to get you through the lean months.  If you own any other kind of local service or business then this is a true win-win opportunity.

Intrigued?  Find out more about it at or by emailing

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Jesse Carter is the CEO of Expert Website Marketers. He is an Editor, Writer, Online Marketing Expert and a Nonprofit Fundraising Expert.

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