Not too many people think about the tremendous loss of money from their business travel budget unless they are the ones paying for it.

Maybe the more focused question is… do you even have a travel budget?

Is it because it seems too time-consuming and complicated to find where the real savings occurs through online travel sites or offline travel companies?

Even trusted travel companies may not know how to find THE very best deals.  In today’s real world, online pricing is shown in “real time” where it can change in price from one second to the next, much like commodities do.

You go online to your favorite travel booking engine and you get one quote, you go elsewhere to compare any you go back and it has all changed.  It’s enough to drive you nuts in search of your savings.

So, are you really losing money on your company travel expenses?  More thank likely you are.

    Is There A Way To Get Consistent Pricing?

So you may be asking yourself, “where can I get the best, most consistent travel deals?”

If you want a more consistent lower pricing structure, your best solution is to go through a Private Travel Club Membership.

Unless you are buying your travel services through a Private Travel Club Membership, you probably are losing a lot of money that you could ultimately keep in your pocket instead.

Until recently, normal travel has only been offered through companies like Priceline and Expedia which are “retail” travel buyers.  They buy on the open market and literally have to share the money you pay them across multiple layers of “middle men” which means that you are likely paying WAY more than you need to for travel.

What most travelers don’t understand is that far under the radar, these two huge online booking engines practically own the entire retail travel market.  Most all of the commercials you see on TV of other Travel Booking Sites are owned by these two giants of the industry.

A Private Travel Club Membership, much like Sam’s Club or Costco, typically cuts out those  “middle man” layers and works directly with the main travel company or service in order to pass on the savings to its members.

With a Private Travel Club, you pay a small monthly membership fee and then have access to the best prices on the internet saving you huge amounts of money on your travel expenses.

Imagine paying just $39 or $59 per month and saving tens of dollars at one hotel for one night… hundreds of dollars on one airfare ticket… or thousands of dollars on cruises and resorts.

Now, as a traveler, you can really scoop up the savings for pennies on the dollar from what your membership costs.

My new private membership source for cutting my travel expenses is found through

It has many features that will thrill business owners or business professionals. Don’t waste another minute searching for the best travel deals, because they are now found through

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