Over the years, research showed that about half of the companies in America use videos to entice its target market.

The increase of video marketing can be associated with the birth of video sharing sites like Youtube. Surveys had showed that at least a million people visit the site each day. This fact was taken advantage to by most of the advertising companies all over.

Video marketing is making use of video images to promote and advertise services, products or companies. Considered as one of the strongest marketing campaigns by experts, by using such, companies admitted to have significant increase in their product sales.llentesque tempus.

We have 7 reasons why every local business, whether small, medium or large, should have a Mobile App highlighting their business services or products. Understanding these seven core reasons could be the difference you make, connecting with customers, over what your competitors are doing… giving you the advantage.

Reason One When someone installs your mobile app on their phone, your business is visible to them at all times.

The stats show on average, people are spending more than two hours per day on their mobile devices.  The fact that a user has to scroll through their phone to find apps that they want to use, they will inevitably be scrolling past your company’s app icon. Whether they open your mobile app or not is irrelevant, because your logo and branding will always within eye shot, i not subconsciously making them aware of you and reinforcing your brand.


Reason Two You are now creating a direct form of marketing with the user.  Your app may offer different options such as your business pricing, booking forms, coupons and loyalty cards to name a few.  If you have a blog, you can publish your latest blog feeds right into your app as a RSS Feed.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that you can contact your customers directly through their mobile phone instantly.   If you have a special promotion you’re running you can “push” it to them. Push Notifications can be a big boost to sales or simply planting seeds in your customers’ minds about the products and services you are offering.


Reason Three A Mobile App helps to provide added value to your customer base.  With countless businesses running coupons or loyalty card programs through the mail or newspaper.  Yes, it’s still effective, but lose loyalty cards and forget about coupons.  But here’s the trick… or advantage to you… people rarely forget to bring their phone when they go out. Your “loyalty card”, lies within the app, and goes with your customers everywhere they go.

You just have to simply use the power of push notifications and send them a timely message making people aware of what you are offering at that moment. Your Push Notification message goes out to them when your customer enters a certain radius that you’ve set up and sending them a coupon to “come into your store, and they’ll get 10% off”.  How powerful is that? Now you are marketing to the people based on the location they are currently at.

They may actually be heading out to another similar store to buy something which they could buy from yours, but then a message from your business comes in and it prompts them with a coupon, making it a very easy decision of where they want to go.


Reason Four You should always be thinking about building your Brand Recognition with your customers.   Looking at the whole branding concept, you can make your mobile app reinforce your company logo, company colors, and creatives on a continual basis.

For example, a hair salon could take photos of some of their clients’ haircuts, that they’ve just done and they can post it… post it right into the app, which becomes valuable by validating to them that the hair salon is fully capable to do the job that they want to do. This all works to build up a level of trust with the customer that is priceless.


Reason Five It’s always very important to constantly be improving customer engagement.  The more they are engaged with your business, the more they appreciate you and the more they buy. It does not matter what you’re selling really.

Whether you are selling carpet cleaning, coffee, or lunch deals at restaurants, if consumers have a way to get the same end result, without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it is bound to improve your business.  Right?

Let’s say for example, they want to make a booking for grooming their pet.  They know where the app is located, open up the app, enter in their preferences, select the date, pick the time and then they can make that appointment easily, all without having to pick up the phone. That’s really the level of engagement that you want to cultivate. Perhaps you just got in a new product line and you add it to your catalog located on your app.

If you don’t have a private catalog, you can add in your Shopify or Amazon Store to your app.  So, they simply open up your app, look at your catalog and then come in or place an order online.


Reason Six Point six shows you are standing out above your competition.  It’s a fact that years ago, with an offline businesses who took a lot longer to get online with a great looking responsive website, they got left behind their counterparts who got online first. Guess who had a big jump ahead of their competitors?

It’s happening all over again, but this time with Mobile Aps. Anyone who runs any kind of business (offline or online) without a Mobile App will lose the advantage.  Mobile Apps are making the same inroads for businesses who are smart, giving them multiple channels to interact and communicate with customers.


Reason Seven A final reason to secure a Mobile App for your business, sooner rather than later, is it’s creating the Ultimate Loyalty with your customer. You’ve heard it said that typical media advertising, for the average person, must be seen many, many times before it all starts to sink in.

It doesn’t matter whether TV advertising, bill boards, bus banners or social media news feed.  There is just so much competition trying get the attention of a typical consumer. So, now you are ahead of that curve.  It’s like you can game the advertising system to your advantage. Since your app is on their phone, you aren’t really competing with everyone else… like through social media ads, browser adword campaigns, newspaper ads,  or similar, because you have your own little “ad space” on their phone through your app.

Now you can communicate with them directly at any point unlike any other type of advertising medium. So when you run your special offer, rather than hoping they will look at your fan page, visit your website to see your special deal, or remember to pick up their newspaper coupon… you can simply send them a push notification alerting them to that offer in record speed.

The bottom line is that with your mobile app on their person, you are light years ahead of your competition… for now. Understanding these seven points will really make it easier for you to conduct your business and stay at the cutting edge of marketing technology; thereby, giving your customers extreme confidence that they are doing business with a world-class company.   Contact ExpertWebsiteMarketers.com about getting your own Mobile App done rather inexpensively.