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Bill Saver

For Business

Let us help your business save money where our trained specialists negotiate with your normal service providers and secure you with a better deal... Yes, we can save you money on your Monthly Service Bills, Copier Systems and so much more.

We've saved millions of dollars on:

This is the right time for you to start a new and easy fundraising campaign.

If you're in need of more funds, then don't pass this unique custom opportunity by. Set up your appointment to discuss today using the button below.

Customized Savings

After we look for the savings we will share every detail with you. You only share with us the savings if we find any for you.

Trained Professionals

We handle all of the hard work. You simply share with us your billing statements and we will find the savings for you.

We Can Do An Audit

We can even audit your services at no cost to your company and get a refund in many instances, usually in the 5 Figure range.

We are the best at what we do for your supporters.

Make it a Win-Win for your nonprofit as you help your supporters save money. You will be their hero.

They follow 3 simple steps and we go to work for them.

We negotiate with their current service providers to lower their bills. That's it.

Our trained specialists handle all of the heavy lifting and contact their service providers on their behalf. We don't change their providers or their current plans.

Take a look at the amazing savings some have gained.

Review More Of Our Fundraiser

We pay out on a sliding scale from $1 to $12 per Qualified Bill uploaded through your website.

Businesses Save

Savings found are split on a 50/50 basis with the participant and our Bill Payer Cost Reduction Team working on your behalf.

There is No Cost to your Company or Organization... only savings that we find for you.

Types Of Bills

Cable / Internet



Pest Control


Copier Systems



Water Delivery



Recoup Employee Retention

Under the Legislation your company may be entitled to get money back from the government for retaining your employees during the COVID Pandemic. Find out how we can get that set up for you.

Download These Tools To Make Your Decision Faster

Use this Explainer Flyer to quickly review the fundraising details of this special Bill Saver Fundraising Program with your decision making team.

This document answers most all of your Questions about the program and how it is handled. Share it with your decision making team for faster approval.

Sign up today and fill out this from. This gives us permission to start working with you and begin building your free Bill Saver Fundraising Website.

The Campaign Process is very simple to conduct.

Build & Promote Campaign

First step is we build your custom website. Then, your organization promotes this fundraising campaign using your customary methods getting the word out... newsletters, email, social media... sending them to your website where it does all of the work with.

Bill Uploads By Participants

Second step is - Your Supporters and Members upload as many bills of their monthly service providers as they can. We pay on each one they upload and encourage at least 3. We pay on a sliding scale from $1 to $12. The more uploads, the more your organization makes.

Negotiation Of Better Deals

Third step is for our trained negotiation specialists to go to work with the service providers to lower the current bill of your supporters to a much lower amount... saving them substantially. You are now their hero.

We're bringing in a lot of funds for our nonprofit partners. Yours could be next.

Theoreticl Revenue Simulation

A 200 Member Church asks members to upload their bills and to spread the word to friends and family.

Each participant speaks to 10 friends and family members about your fundraiser geared to help them save money.

Each person uploads 3 Qualified Service Bills to the Custom Fundraising Website we've provided.

This effort would create a guaranteed payout of...

$66,924 Total

Now imagine if more than 200 members/supporters participated by conducting multiple Fundraising Campaigns and they uploaded more than 3 bills average. For instance, six bills uploaded each could double that total.

Your Nonprofit gets paid first, even before Our Cost Reduction Team goes to work saving each participant money.

The more supporters you reach and the more qualified bills* they upload, the more your Nonprofit makes. Start a Fundraising Campaign anytime (once or several times) or keep it as an Ongoing Fundraiser.

* Non-Qualified Bill examples: Car loans, rent, credit card payments, insurance and similar fixed non service bills.

Our Clients Love What We've Done For Them.

Our clients say only good words about us.

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  • Our promise to you.

    We will create the best Bill Saver Program available.

    Your executive team will be happy with the way we perform this service for your Company or Organization saving more money.

    Simply review the Introductory Sheet, Q & A document, and then fill out the Application Sign Up Form and email in.

    Or send an email to secure an Appointment with us!

    Secure Your Appointment

    We can discuss your funding and how we can assist you with our program. Please email us at
    [email protected]

    When Emailing us, please provide your:

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