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The Perfect Benefits Plan

LifeExec Advantage is a membership program, offering you the best Health Care benefit rates at a fraction of the price. No bloat from insurance. No middle man.

Now you have a tool to recruit and retain employees... part time, seasonal or full time... You NEED LifeExec.

Keep reading to learn how you can get High Quality Health Care benefits for you and your team.

This is the right time for you to secure an affordable Benefits Package.

You need to recruit and maintain your workforce in these very competitive labor market. What do you do? You get LifeExec Advantage started for them. Look at what we have for you to start.

Free Website

We set up a custom website portal directly linked for your company's employees to login and manage their account.

Trained Professionals

With the Advantage Plus Plan, any enrollee can contact the Concierge Service with a special Phone Number.

Support Materials

Employees will get their own Welcome Packet with their membership card, brochure and information on how to login in and adjust their Benefits anytime 24/7.

If you have a company... 1 person to 10,000 persons... then you owe it to yourself to watch the video below to see how you can offer benefits to your part-time, seasonal, and full-time employees.

It's time to try a new kind of "No Brainer" HealthCare Benefits Program

Go Ahead and open up our Flip Book seen here or click the booklet on the left and it will open up into a new window for your viewing.

If you like what you see, then fill out the Contact Form on this page and we'll be in touch ASAP. Be sure to let us know if it is for a Company or yourself as a Sole Proprietor type of business or as an Individual. We will work with you any way that you prefer.

Most Advanced Life Management Solution

LifeExec is the most advanced life management solution with patented online vault & event-based communication system. 

LifeExec's patented web application securely sends critical information to trusted contacts during any event helping you protect what matters most, when it matters most.

LifeExec ensures that your benefits are available to you and your family members when you need them. LifeExec is included with all voluntary enrollments.

If you're not with a company and interested in getting healthcare benefits for yourself, simply fill out the form below and choose "Individual". Then a member of the LifeExec team will reach out to you and get all the info you need, as well as enroll if you want to. 

See How Affordable Our Plans Are - Employees Choose One Or All

Case Studies: See How Others Solved Their Benefits Problem

Core Problem:

Retention. The average length of employment at boutique coffee shops is less than 12 months.

Core Problem:  Limited access to benefits. 1099 contractors don’t qualify for most benefits.

Core Problem:  Home Care is significantly impacted by labor turnover and shortage. The average Home Care company experiences 125% turnover of its PTE/Contract Home Care Givers .

Easy Breezy To Offer!

Protect The Whole Family

LifeExec Advantage Wellness, Advantage Mental Health, and Advantage Protect include: Member, Spouse, Dependents up to 26 years old.
- No extra cost or hidden fees
- Keep your entire family protected and healthy with LifeExec Advantage.

Saves Money

LifeExec Advantage bundles have benefits you need and use on a daily basis.
- $0 deductible on Telemedicine services
- $0 Living Will
- Annual Tax Returns
- Credit Monitoring
- Much, Much More

LifeExec Advantage helps you save on programs that normally cost families thousands of dollars.

Benefits Reimagined

LifeExec Advantage offers you the best rates at a fraction of the price. No bloat from insurance. No middle man.

-No Usage Limits

-Covers the Family

-Saves You Money

-Nationwide Coverage

-No Restrictions

Associations And Nonprofit Organizations Can Use It As A Fundraiser

If you are an Association, Chamber Of Commerce, or Nonprofit Organization, then ask us how to use this program to attract Members and share in the profits generated as a fundraiser. Simply fill out the form below and in the Comments Section state that you want the "Fundraising Program" to promote it to your community and beyond.

Top Influencers And Online Marketers Can Help Your Peeps

This is perfect for Mega-Influencers, Professional Team Leader (Real-Estate, Insurance Agents, etc.), Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs that influence large groups of people and want to make residuals. Enroll yourself first and put a not in the Comments Section of the Contact Form below, then ask us how at [email protected]

If you are an individual, then you owe it to yourself to watch the video below to see how individuals are typically onboarded after picking up the Perfect Benefits Plan with LifeExec Advantage.

Our Members Love Their LifeExec Plans

These members are extremely happy.

  • "Seeing a doctor can take months, costs money every visit, and makes me not want to go. Advantage Wellness is so convenient for our family. No waiting to see a doctor and no extra fees for visits."

    Jaime G.

  • "My job involves a lot of driving. If something happens to my car, I don't make it to work. Advantage Protect's roadside assistance covers everything I need to make sure I can make it to every job."

    Alex V.

    "I'm a homecare worker and each day, my job can be challenging. Advantage Mental Health has helped me get into therapy, and gives me access to an on-demand therapist for those extra tough days at work."   Maria S.

  • The Process For You.

    In The Comments Section of the form, please add any of the following details that will help us help you best.

    Are you a:


    -Sole -Proprietor / DBA

    -Professional Service

    -Nonprofit Organization

    -Individual / Family-Association

    -Ministry / Church / Faith Based

    -Local Civic Group

    -Booster Club-Other (Please Explain)

    <>Number Of Employees / Members / Participants

    <>Best Date and Time for us to call you

    <>Who Referred This To You (we want to thank them)

    <>Other Comments


    After you fill out the Contact Form with your contact information, we will reach out to you for a 15 Minute Consultation Call with one of our team where...

    -We will determine your exact needs...

    -We will create your own organization's LifeExec portal for your Employees / Members to utilize and choose their own plans...

    -We will continue to service your Employees or Members by addressing their needs directly and personally. After our consultation, we'll take it from there and get everything set up and ready to go.

    Secure Your Appointment

    Please fill out the Contact Form below. Be sure to leave any additional information in the Comments Section below so we can best help you. Put all information in the Comments Section with shift/enter for each entry before hitting the "enter" button.

    If you don't hear from us within 72 hours after filling out the form, then send an email to [email protected]