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Grow Your Business With More Leads

Give away real Complimentary Luxury Vacations to... get more Leads... land more Prospects... interest more raving fans... reward loyal clients and customers...

It is the easiest way to grow your business this year. Click the video to understand how to gain more profits this year.

  • Perfect Incentive to attract new Supporters and Fans.

  • Give away luxury vacations to loyal Customers and Clients.

  • Offer a Luxury Vacation for a 30 Minute Sales Presentation.

  • Send Top Employees to Vegas, New York or Branson. You Pick.

MUST HAVE - Grow Your Profits By Giving Away

Luxury Vacations

You will be able to provide some of the hottest vacation spots on the planet. Highly sought after destinations to Bali, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Paris, you name it... even many USA destinations like Vegas, Orlando, Branson, New York, Hawaii, etc.. We've got your best luxury stays in mind. 

  • 3 to 5 Day stay - you choose which

  • All 4 - 5 Star Rating (Trip Advisor)

  • National or International Destinations

How Can You Do This?

Almost all hotels have a major hole to fill. Outside of major holiday seasons, they are not full to capacity. That is a huge problem for them, because they are still required to pay for taxes on those vacant rooms.

They also need to keep services operational, restaurants open and entertainment venues going. So we've secured some of their vacant rooms that they desperately needed to fill.

Your fans can be the recipients
of this generosity direct from you.

In Order To Make Optimal Money...

Rooms Must Be Filled

These hotels must keep their premium services going. Like... Food, Beverages, Casino, Shopping, Excursions, Luxury Amenities and so much more. 

  • All Luxury Vacation Accommodations

  • No, It's Not A Timeshare Presentation Or Similar

  • You Get An Unlimited Number Of Giveaways

Here Is What You Can Give Away

Get ahead of your competition and become a leader. Your company, organization or group can give away Luxury Vacations to attract and thank your Top Supporters, Fans, Customers or Clients.  Click this video to see a sample.

We've Got You Covered With...

Marketing Materials

We have marketing materials and videos of different niches ready out of the gate to assist you in reaching your exact audience. 

Here is one video made for a Karate School Promo

So What's The Cost?

Your cost for one Vacation License is nominal compared to what a package of vacation destinations will cost you on the open market. Take a look here at what you might pay if you wanted to purchase 100 Vacations for your Most Valuable Clients / Customers / Employees / Supporters / Fans.Why pay $150,000 when you can giveaway "unlimited" free vacations at a fraction of that cost?

We Offer These Different License Packages
>1 Complimentary Vacation - FREE ($1795 Value) - With 15 Minute Consultation.
>2 more Complimentary Vacations - FREE ($3590+ Value) When you pick up any one service or more (Hint: start with Bill Reduce, since it's free to start).
>Nonprofit Organizations
 - $1,495 per year. (any size) Unlimited Vacations to Offer.
>Small Businesses - Sole Proprietor, Small Shop or similar making less than $3,000,000 per year. ($ Call For Details). 100 Vacations to Offer.
Medium To Large Businesses - Most businesses making $2+ Million. ($ Call For Details). Unlimited Vacations to Offer.

See More Details... BestVacationAwards.com 

Let Us Know If You

 Want To Get Started?

This is one of those rare win-win scenarios for you to gain more sales, customers, clients and raving fans.

Don’t let this Dynamic Lead Generating System and Fantastic Loyalty Program slide you by. 

So, if you are interested and want to know the details on how you can grab your own Complimentary Vacation Leads Generating Program, then complete this form to visit with us briefly about it. 

Special Deal: Pick up any service of ours and we'll give you one complimentary vacation on us.

It really is complimentary just for letting us help make you more profit.

Alternatively, you may go to BestVacationAwards.com and fill out this form to contact us.

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