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Bill Reducer

For Businesses

Let us help your business save money where our trained specialists negotiate with your normal service providers and secure you with a better deal... Yes, we can save your organization money on your Monthly Service Bills, Copier Systems and so much more.

We've saved millions of dollars on:

This is the right time for your business to start saving more money.

If you're in need of finding more funds, that maybe you didn't know that you had, then don't pass this unique opportunity by... allowing us to find and help you save more of your money.

We offer a diverse suite of programs and services designed to help our commercial customers manage their service bills more efficiently while saving more money.

Customized Savings

After we look for the savings we will share every detail with you. You only share with us the savings if we find any for you.

Trained Professionals

We handle all of the hard work. You simply share with us your billing statements and we will find the savings for you.

We Can Do An Audit

We can even audit your services at no cost to your company and get a refund in many instances, usually in the 5 Figure range.

The Utility Bill Auditing Professionals

On average 80% of commercial businesses and organizations are overcharged on utility expenses due to calculation errors and discrepancies, billed by utility and service providers.

Our auditors remove errors and overcharges within those invoices. We will have your suppliers provide you a refund on errors and create uncontested reductions in your monthly bill by removing unnecessary charges. Types of common errors found:

> Incorrect Rate Schedule

> Telephone cramming charges

> Charges on unused / old lines

> Hidden telecom PICC charges

> Incorrect tax classifications

> Excessive surcharges

Make it a Win-Win for your business as our pros help your find and save money. Let us help you at no expense as we operate strictly on a contingent basis.

Just A Few Of The Areas Where We Save You Money

Review More Of Our Bill Reducing Services

We find you money that you didn't know you had available... at no cost to your company.

Businesses Save

There is No Cost to your Company, Nonprofit Organization or Religous Institution... only savings that we find for you.

Savings found are split on a 50/50 basis with the participant and our Bill Cost Reduction Team who worked on your behalf.

Types Of Bills

Cable / Internet



Pest Control


Copier Systems



Water Delivery



Recoup Employee Retention Credits

Under U.S. Legislation your company may be entitled to get money back from the government for retaining your employees during the COVID Pandemic. Let us get that set up to find your Employee Retention Tax Credits. It could be in the $10's of Thousands.

Why Do You Need An Audit?

You Assume It's All Correct

Too often spending in this category is not verified due to an assumption of accuracy and cost efficiency. We often hear "as long as it looks right, we pay them". 

They Want To keep More

The utility company's position is that it is your responsibility to verify your bills. By assuming your bills are correct or there is nothing you can do, leaves your company vulnerable to errors and overcharges... potentially in the tens of thousands or more. 

It's Your Money - Save it!

An audit may be the best thing you can do now, with the potential of refunds and savings going straight to your bottom line. Remember, it costs you nothing for us to find it and our "share it" program insures we find as much savings as we can for you.

We're bringing in a lot of funds for our business partners. Yours could be next.

It's a painless decision to let us help you.

An Easy And Simple Process

Here are the 3 simple steps how we go to work for your company.

1. With full access to our Professional Bill Saving Experts, we will create the best Business Bill Reduction Program available.

Our Expert Specialists will review and audit your current business expenses with your many service providers and negotiate with them to lower those bills.

2. Our trained specialists handle all of the heavy lifting and contact the service providers on your behalf. We don't change your providers or current plans.

3. We can also work to find new means of saving your company even more money as you desire. Your executive team will be happy with the way we perform this service for your Company or Organization... saving more money.

Pick up this service or any other service and we'll give you a Complimentary Luxury Vacation on us.

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Let's Visit Together ASAP!

Don't delay setting up a visit with me. You'll be happy that we talked and you have a new path available for Reducing and Recouping your Business Bills.

Pick a convenient date and time, then on the following page include your First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Email, Phone Number, Type of Business/Organization, Number of Employees, Extra Comments.

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