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Legal Compliance And Site Security 

If you do ANYTHING online, you’ll need to make sure that you are compliant and protected. There’s no getting around it. Just one small misstep will be costly.

Unless You’re 100% Legally Compliant and Secure, You Can Now Potentially Lose Everything You’ve Worked Hard To Build Online…In A Blink of An Eye!

We can help you avoid expensive lawsuits, government fines, and maintain security against hackers. You ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS TODAY to protect your business going forward.

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Ignore This At Your Own Risk
It Could Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

By not having the correct legal compliance and security in place, businesses like yours are now more vulnerable than ever to all sorts of lawsuits, security threats, hacks, and fines.

  • Right now, during our New Client Gathering phase, we’ve discounted the cost of our Legal Compliance And Security Package MASSIVELY.

  • Nowhere else will you find this level of access to a power-packed compliance and accessibility suite under one roof. And definitely not for the price.

  • Starting today, you’ll be able to protect your online presence with our compliance and security services.

  • LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: We are providing New Clients with a Complimentary ADA Compliance Package. No Gimmicks. No Strings Attached. 

ADA Compliance Is The Law

  • Making your website ADA compliant is the law. Watch this short explainer video to see why you need this now!

  • Yes, get this FREE Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance tool and avoid hefty legal claims, fines and hassles.

    This is just a solid valued benefit to you and our way of helping you get to know us.

    Is Your Website Legally Compliant?

    Don't Get Fined, Sued or Hacked!

    So you get up one morning. Cheerful. Happy. Ecstatic to check your sales for the day before and you check your computer only to get a dreaded message telling you that your site’s been hacked and lost…or worse, you get an email telling you that you’re now involved in a messy and EXTREMELY costly lawsuit. And just like that, you’re having to spend loads of money and time on an issue that you weren't expecting.

    But now, as you read this, you can solve this once and for all by being prepared and by getting your site 100% compliant for legal and security issues. Now, you have our Legal Compliance And Security Service at your disposal. We can now provide you with:

    • Web Security Compliance

    • ADA Web Compliance

    • SEO Compliance

    • Local Business Compliance

    • GDPR & Cookie Consent Compliance

    • Privacy & T&C Compliance

    Avoid the costly, technical barriers and time consuming requirements for your online presence.

    Legal Compliance And Security Solutions

    We provide all of these Legal, Compliance And Security Solutions under one service to your business.

    Web Security Compliance

    • Web Security Auto-Fix Plugin

    • Detect, Manage, & Report Vulnerabilities

    • Continuous Security Monitoring

    Buy Complete Package Here

    ADA Web Compliance

    • Full Complete Web Accessibility Suite To Help You Stay Compliant

    •  Multi-Language Support

    • Automatically Monitored/Updated

    Buy Complete Package Here

    SEO Compliance

    • On Page SEO Checker

    • SEO Score and Full Image Audits

    • SEO Fix Checklist & Guidelines

    Buy Complete Package Here

    Local Business Compliance

    • Dynamic dashboard  shows full details

    • Generate full compliance checklists

    • Shows exactly how to resolve each issue

    Buy Complete Package Here

    GDPR & Cookie Consent Compliance

    • Get a GDPR notice for your site

    • Helps you avoid any fines or penalties

    • Operate without any obstacles.

    Buy Complete Package Here

    Privacy & T&C Compliance

    • Created after answering a few questions.

    • Ironclad to help ward off any potential issues that visitors could bring up for any product or service you offer.

    Buy Complete Package Here

    First, we will analyze your site for vulnerabilities.

    Free Website Audit

    For us both to see exactly which problems to fix with your website security and compliance issues we will first create a Website Audit Report for you. These types of comprehensive reports normally run about $200, but we are now offering it Completely Free to our New Clients.

  • Deep Dive Security Scan

    You’ll know EXACTLY where the holes are and how to fix them. Our Audit Report will go deep and find how to help you prevent hackers and scammers from stealing your business and money.

    SEO Compliance

    Get a full audit and compliance scan of your website and understand where your site is failing and how to fix it so you can be optimized in the search engines to receive huge amounts of organic traffic, leads, and sales.

    Comprehensive Audit

    You'll get Off-Page Backlink Analysis, Backlink Audit Report, Content Audit, and Full Image Audits.

    Fix Checklist

    After the analysis and audit you will need to know how to fix your problems. We provide a complete Fix Checklist and Guidelines Report so that you can take it to your Website Team to correct.

    Accessibility Toolbar Additional Functions

    Increase Font Size, Decrease Font Size, Readable Font. This tool package allows users with low visual impairments the option to increase or decrease text size or to select a basic, simple, easily-readable font without the loss of readability or functionality.

    No Expensive Developers Or Lawyers Needed

    To put all of these Legal, Compliance and Security Tools together can run you at least $3500/Month.

    Not to mention it could take up to 6 months to get everything finished and then there is the ongoing time you need to invest for monthly maintenance. Let us help you today.

    1. No Need For Researchers - Laws are constantly changing. You’ll need to stay up to date if you want to avoid any penalties, lawsuits, or fines. You could easily wind up having to pay a team to stay on top of this in multiple countries, states, and cities. To legally stay up to speed you can expect to invest at least another $1000-$2,000 many times over.

    2. No Need To Hire Costly Lawyers - You could go this route and just pay a lawyer to create the documents that your business requires. But they don't know how to code security apps for you. Then what if you need any updates? You’ll have to go back to the expensive lawyer who charges you by the HOUR. And trust us, it’s not cheap at all. We can solve all of that without the hefty fees.


    • Web Security Compliance $49.99/mo

    • Web Security Auto-Fix Plugin $39.99/mo

    • ADA Web Compliance $29.99/mo

    • SEO Compliance $59.99/mo

    • Local Business Compliance $39.99/mo

    • GDPR & Cookie Consent Compliance $19.99/mo

    • Privacy & T&C Compliance $29.99/mo

    • Generator - GDPR & Cookie Consent $14.99/mo

    • Auto-Creator - Privacy & T&C Pages $19.99/mo

    • Monthly Updates on all Compliances $59.99/mo

    • Website Fingerprinting Compliance $24.99/mo

    • SSL Compliance $19.99/mo

    • Privacy Policy Generator $19.99/mo

    • Version-Based Vulnerability Detection $29.99/mo

    • Common Configuration Issues Check $19.99/mo

    • SQL Injection Check $29.99/mo

    • SQL Injection Protection $29.99/mo

    • Cross-Site Scripting Check $29.99/mo

    • XSS Protection $29.99/mo

    • Local/Remote File Inclusion Check $19.99/mo

    • Remote Command Execution Check $19.99/mo

    • Auto-Creator - Privacy & T&C Pages $19.99/mo

    • ClickJacking Protection $19.99/mo

    • MIME Mismatch Attacks Protection $19.99/mo

    • Discovery of Sensitive Files Check $29.99/mo

    • Vulnerability Alerts $29.99/mo

    • Complete Auto SEO Audio $39.99/mo

    • Full SEO-Fix Checklist $29.99/mo

    • Right-to-be-Forgotten $19.99/mo

    • Local Business Compliance $39.99/mo

    • Data Assess Compliance - GDPR $19.99/mo

    • Data Breach Notification - GDPR $19.99/mo

    • Data Rectification Update - GDPR $19.99/mo

    • WordPress Universal $29.99/mo

    • Cookie Consent Generator $19.99/mo

    • Compliance Batches to Feature on websites $19.99/mo

    • Local Business Law Compliance Check $19.99/mo

    • Terms & Conditions Generator $19.99/mo

    Total Estimated Monthly Fees Found Elsewhere = $1,629.35/month
    That’s how much other businesses are spending to stay protected and that’s just the starting cost.

    Your cost during our New Client Gathering Phase is just $200/month

    Yes, Lock In My Complete Package At The Lowest Price

    Efficient Escrow of California was forced to close its doors and lay off its entire staff when cybercriminals nabbed $1.5 million from its bank account. The thieves gained access to the escrow company’s bank data using a form of “Trojan horse” malware.

    Green Ford Sales, a car dealership in Kansas, lost $23,000 when hackers broke into their network and swiped bank account info.

    Wright Hotels, a real estate development firm, had $1 million drained from their bank account after thieves gained access to a company e-mail account. Information gleaned from e-mails allowed the thieves to impersonate the owner and convince the bookkeeper to wire money to an account in China.

    Sooner Or Later...

    Your Site Could Be Hackable By A.I.

    A.I. Has Now Made It Simpler Than Ever To Target You As An Easy Payday… And You Don’t Even Know It.

    We’ve all seen the big breakthroughs when it comes to using A.I. for content creation and art. But did you know that it can also be used to help locate websites like yours that aren’t compliant?  It’s true.

    Plus, on the legal front, it takes nothing now for a crooked lawyer looking for a payday to ask A.I. to create code that will scan websites to see if they’re compliant.

    Worse, any nobody can now use A.I. to write code that could be used to hack your websites. Combine this with a few scrapes of Google’s results and they’ve got a true money maker ready to pounce on. 

    Hackers Have Already Stolen Millions From Small Businesses. You Could Be Next.

    Let us help protect your site. Contact Us Today!

    Get Help Avoiding A Hack Job

    Here's What We Do For Your Site.

    To be proactive in your Compliance and Security we will need to create a script or a plugin to be placed on your site. Here is what you will get with it.

      SQLI Protection

      Say goodbye to malicious SQL injections! Our SQLI Protection feature secures your website from unauthorized database access, keeping your sensitive data safe and sound.

      Proxy Protection

      With our Proxy Protection, you can block sneaky users hiding behind proxies, ensuring only legitimate visitors access your site. No more cloak-and-dagger business!

      Spam Protection

      Our Spam Protection feature tackles pesky spam head-on, filtering out unwanted comments and messages. Enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable online experience!

      DNSBL Integration

      Leveraging DNSBL's powerful blacklisting capabilities, we keep your website free from known malicious IPs and domains. Peace of mind, guaranteed!

      Intelligent Pattern Recognition

      Our Intelligent Pattern Recognition identifies suspicious activity patterns, proactively detecting and stopping emerging threats before they cause damage.

      Industrial-Strength Algorithms

      Powered y robust, cutting-edge algorithms, our system ensures your site's security remains airtight and up-to-date. Protection you can trust!

      Ban System

      Our Ban System lets you take control, enabling you to block and ban users engaging in harmful activities. Show them the door!

      Bad Bots & Crawlers Protection

      Our system shields your website from nasty bots and crawlers that can harm your SEO, drain resources, or scrape your content. Guard your site with confidence!

      Fake Bots Protection

      Our Fake Bots Protection sniffs out and stops imitation bots in their tracks, ensuring only legitimate crawlers access your website. No more deception!

      Headers Check

      Our Headers Check feature meticulously examines HTTP headers for any security loopholes or inconsistencies, making sure your site stays rock-solid.

      Auto Ban

      Our Auto Ban automatically blacklists users engaging in harmful behavior, keeping your website safe and secure without manual intervention. Set it and forget it!

      Threats Log

      Stay in the know with Marshal's detailed Threat Logs, providing invaluable insights into potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Knowledge is power!

      Detailed Logs

      Our Detailed Logs give you a comprehensive view of your website's security events, helping you stay informed and proactive.

      E-Mail Norifications

      Receive timely E-mail Notifications whenever a security event occurs, keeping you alert and ready to act.

      Dashboard With Stats

      Access a user-friendly Dashboard With Stats offers an at-a-glance overview of your site's security, making it easy to monitor and manage.

      Errors Monitoring

      Understand that the Errors Monitoring feature diligently tracks and reports errors, ensuring you're always aware of any potential issues. Stay ahead of the game!

      .htaccess Editor

      Edit your .htaccess file with ease using Marshal's built-in .htaccess Editor, allowing for quick and convenient security adjustments.

      LP & File Whitelist

      The LP & File Whitelist lets you create custom rules, ensuring your essential pages and files remain accessible while your website stays secure.

      Live Traffic Analytics

      The Live Traffic Analytics feature gives you real-time insight into visitor activity, helping you spot any unusual behavior and protect your website.

      Visit Analytics

      Your Visit Analytics feature provides valuable data on user activity, enabling you to make informed decisions about your website's security and performance.

      PHP Configuration Checker

      The PHP Configuration Checker ensures your server's PHP settings are optimized for maximum security, helping to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

      System Information

      Stay informed about your server's vital stats with Marshal's System Information feature, enabling you to monitor and maintain peak performance and security.

      Login History

      Keep track of all login attempts with Marshal's Login History feature, allowing you to spot any suspicious activity and safeguard your website's access points

    A Few Testimonials

    Emily R.

    "...Finally, an all-in-one security solution"

    Grabbing the Legal Compliance And Security Package has been a lifesaver for my online business.

    It's the all-in-one security solution I've been looking for, and it's so nice to have.

    I've been able to secure my website and ensure compliance with minimal effort. It is worth every penny!

    Hitesh M.

    "...Transformed my business and peace of mind"

    This has completely transformed my business and given me peace of mind.

    The A.I.-powered features are incredibly effective at detecting and preventing security threats.

    I now have the confidence to focus on expanding my business without constantly worrying about potential breaches..

    Brian T.

    "...this is a game-changer from Expert Website Marketers."

    I've never seen a security tool as powerful and comprehensive as this one. It's truly a game-changer for website security.

    With its A.I.-powered features, I can rest easy knowing my business is safe from hackers and other online threats. I highly recommend the service to anyone who's serious about protecting their online business.

    Alice P.

    "...The ultimate tool for web security and compliance"

    This service from Expert Website marketers is hands down the best tool I've ever used for web security and compliance.

    Not only has it saved me countless hours, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing that my online business is protected from all kinds of threats.

    I can't recommend this service enough to other business owners!

    Michael S.

    "Incredible protection for my eCommerce store."

    I run an e-commerce store, and the Legal Compliance And Security Service has been a game-changer for me.

    The A.I.-powered protection and compliance features have given me total confidence that my store is secure from hackers and other malicious actors.

    I can finally focus on growing my business without constantly worrying about security.

    Jennifer L.

    "Straight up a must have if you have an online presence."

    This service has become an indispensable tool for me and my team.

    The level of protection and compliance it offers for our websites is unmatched.

    Plus, the monthly costs we pay for security services is nominal while having significantly boosted our revenue.

    Samuel H.

    "...saved my business from disaster!"

    I can't believe how powerful the Legal Compliance And Security service has been in detecting and preventing security breaches on my website.

    It saved my business from disaster when it identified a vulnerability I wasn't even aware of.

    Now, I can sleep peacefully knowing that my website and customer data are safe. Thank you, Expert Website Marketers!

    Karen V.

    "the ultimate defense against online threats."

    This security app has been the ultimate defense against online threats for my business.

    Its A.I.-powered features have made securing my website and ensuring compliance a breeze.

    I can now focus on growing my business without the constant worry of security breaches.

    Jason D.

    "...the most comprehensive web security solution I've ever used."

    I've tried multiple security tools for my online business, but nothing compares to this compliance and secutiry tool.

    The range of features and the A.I. integration make it the most comprehensive web security solution I've ever used.

    I can now confidently say my business is protected from hackers and other online threats and is a must-have for every online entrepreneur.

    Follow what others are successfully achieving using our Legal Compliance And Security Service and have the same peace of mind that they do.
    It costs a lot less to be proactive and protective than to try to fix a disaster after it happens.

    Remember, your cost during our New Client Gathering Phase is just $200/month.
    Yeah, that's super cheap and remember you get a Free Audit and Free ADA Compliance.

    Yes, Lock In My Complete Package At The Lowest Price

    Get Your Compliance

    &  Security Package!

    Normally, for this kind of compliance and security services you’d have to fork over $29.95/mo here, another $59.95/mo there, and even as much as $1,000's in some cases to have tools like these available for your use.

    You could wind up paying as much as $7,000 to $12,000 PER YEAR just for access to some of the tools you actually need from a dozen or more apps. But today you won’t have to invest anywhere near that amount.

    NOW for a Limited Time... At A Low One-Time Investment of $50 Per Week... that's a low $200/Month Subscription Today You Can Grab Our Security And Compliance Package And Have Peace of Mind Going Forward. Cancel anytime for any reason.

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